Twin Accommodation - Homestay, Residential, Flatshare and Hostels
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    Host Twin's international students in your spare room
    and earn some extra money

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  • Homestayaccommodation

    Competitively priced accommodation in
    London & across the UK

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  • Residential accommodation

    Comfortable living in great locations
    across London

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  • Flatshare

    Ideal for groups of mature students arriving in the UK together and seeking a high degree of independence

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  • Hostel Accommodation

    Suitable for budget-conscious Twin students travelling for shorter visits

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Quality, affordable student accommodation

We provide Twin students with the best solution to meet their accommodation needs and budget by offering a great choice of safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation options including; homestay, residential (self-catering), hostel and flatshare accommodation.

Wherever you stay with Twin, our great locations will let you take advantage of exciting cities, beautiful scenery and all the other attractions the UK has to offer.

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Become a Twin Host

Accommodate tourists in your home, make money and meet people. At Twin we are always looking to expand our community of host families, so apply today to Find out more >


Additional Twin Services

Twin Group are one of the leading international education, work and travel providers in the UK. Residential, flatshare and hostel bookings are for our students only. Homestay is available for non-Twin clients. More >


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