10 Must-Have London Apps

10 Must-Have London Apps

Looking to explore London, find the best restaurants and save money with great discounts? Then these 10 must-have apps will make you happy...(app-y?)

10 Must-Have London Apps

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If you are planning to travel to London anytime soon, or already live here, then say goodbye to expensive prices, stressing over getting public transport and struggling to find different things to do with these must-have apps. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best London apps that help you to find the perfect restaurant or bar, discover an abundance of things to do, learn about old and modern landmarks and travel around the capital – enjoy!

Don’t forget: Using your smartphone in London may incur data charges, so make sure you check your allowance with your phone provider before you travel. To reduce any large costs, download these apps whilst at home or use one of London’s many Wi-fi hotspots.


OpenTable UK

Free – Available for iPhone, Android and Windows 8

OpenTable app

Feeling peckish but not sure where to eat? Introducing the menu in your pocket, OpenTable allows you to search, review and then make a booking at restaurants in London. The search criteria is very specific so you can find the perfect restaurant for you and your group; you can choose an area where you want to eat, what type of cuisine you fancy, how much you want to pay, how many will be in your party and when you want to eat. The app has a strong community, and most restaurants have been reviewed and rated by previous customers, which is extremely helpful when you are making a choice about where to eat – bon appetit!


CityMapper London

Free – Available for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch and Android

CityMapper app

Dubbed the “ultimate transport app”, CityMapper is an essential app that anyone visiting, or even living in London, will use time and time again. Not only is it extremely easy to use and fun to look at, this app will solve all of your transport problems. Simply type in your start and end destination and the app will work out several journeys for you, so you can choose the one that suits you best. It will show you how to get across the city by train, tube, bus, bicycle, boat, tram and even on foot, and will also show you the exact route on the map, how long it will take, and how many calories you will lose! If you don’t fancy getting lost anytime soon, then download CityMapper for easy and happy travels.


Riverside London

Free – Available for iPhone/ iPad and Android

Riverside app

From Vauxhall Village to London Bridge, the Riverside London app will help you explore some of London’s best-loved landmarks and attractions. With this genius free app, you will be able to delve into the cultural heart of the capital, and discover top attractions and sights, great hotels and hostels to stay in, places to wine and dine, and local shops. On top of all this, the app will give you an event listing so you can find plenty of things to keep you occupied, and it will even provide you with background history and information on some of London’s famous attractions and landmarks. The app also has a fantastic reality feature, which allows you to search for things to do around you, by holding up your phone and clicking venues in front of you.



Free – Available for iPhone and Android

Yplan app

The name says everything: why plan? This handy app helps you to decide what to do last minute by giving you a list of things going on today, tomorrow and a little bit in the future. Whether you’re looking for live music, theatre shows, a night out, art exhibitions, sports or comedy, this app will have it. You can use the app to search for things that you are into, book tickets and even find great discounts and deals – that’s your evening sorted!


Regent Street

Free – Available for iPhone/ iPad

Regent Street app

Calling all shop-aholics - this is the app for you. This nifty app will help you search for shops, events, restaurants and bars that are of interest to you on, you guessed it, Regent Street. You will be able to uncover new brands and independent restaurants to enjoy, as you fill in your likes and dislikes on the app. It will also give you a list of events and promotions related to your interests, meaning that you AND your bank balance will be happy.


Barclays Bikes

Free – Available for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch and Android

Barclays Bikes app

Who needs stuffy tubes or trains when you can pedal your way around London on a “Boris Bike”? This really (..wheely?) good app will show you where the Boris Bikes, (named after the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson), are available, and how to get to a docking station near to where you want to go. The app also suggests some “Top London Rides”, where you can explore some of the best locations in the capital by bike.


Museum of London: Street Museum

Free – Available for iPhone and Android

Museum of London app

Impress all of your friends with your history knowledge with the help of this amazing time-travelling app. Just simply stroll down the street, hold your camera up to your nearest iconic sight, building or attraction, and the camera will present you with a historical image of that location. Want to find out more? You can tap the image to be given historical facts, and relevant interesting information on the area. With this app you will be the ultimate London expert.


TimeOut London

Free – Available for iPhone and Android

TimeOut London app

This stylish and useful app will help you make the most out of London on the go. The TimeOut London app has an abundance of features at your fingertips, including things to do this week, events, top cafes and restaurants, easy booking for tickets and reservations, and a list of special offers.



Free – Available for iPhone

iTheatre app

Want to see that great theatre show on West End in London, but can’t afford the steep price? Use the iTheatre app and feel like a boss as you get amazing discounts off top West End performances. The app will give you a list of what’s hot at the moment, and the best special offers, including discounts of up to 65% off!


Addison Lee

Free – Available to iPhone

Addison Lee app

There are plenty of new apps that can now summon a taxi to your location, (Hailo or Uber), but none provide a service quite like Addison Lee. This award-winning app has been named the “private driver” of the taxi world, and even though it is a little pricier than the other apps, the service is really worth it. In just two taps the app can hail a taxi to your location in London within seconds meaning that you won’t be left in the cold. You can choose from four ways to pay for the taxi, by your own Addison Lee priority account, credit card, Paypal or cash.


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Written by Alissa Johnson

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