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Although England isn't famed for its cuisine, there are definitely some great dishes that you shouldn't miss when visiting London.

Best British Cuisine

If you’re staying in London or visiting anytime soon, you’re going to need information on the best British dishes! And, of course, London is the best place to experience the taste of Britain. We will be sharing with you some top-notch dishes to give you an idea of what dishes you can try when you’re in London. So, grab your knife and fork and sink your teeth into Twin’s top British dishes.

Fish And ChipsHow could we not kick start our tasty British dishes blog with fish & chips? Fish & chips is Britain’s most famous dish with restaurants all over the country boasting the world famous meal. There is more to fish & chips than you first thought; it isn’t just a cheap meal parents get for the kids on a Friday evening because they can’t be bothered to cook. It is well respected dish in and around central London, and at Poppies Fish & Chip shop it proves its worth. Poppies’ is one of the most popular fish & chip shops in the capital; Jukeboxes and a little red telephone box inside the restaurant give you a real British feel which gets you in the mood for some British grub. Specialising in fresh cod and golden chips we recommend this restaurant as it offers one of the best experiences of fish & chips in the city! The bonus of having fish & chips in London is that it is generally very cheap, but the quality is still high, and the dish certainly fills a hole… Here’s a shortlist of some other restaurants that sell amazing fish & chips:

  • Fryers Delight (Theobald’s Road)
  • Fish and Chip Shop (Upper Street)
  • Golden Hind (Marylebone Lane)
  • Golden Union Fish Bar (Poland Street)
  • Nautilus (Fortune Green Road)

Full EnglishFull English breakfast probably came to mind when you were thinking about British dishes when coming to the capital. This British traditional breakfast is a national favourite and this blockbuster of a breakfast can come in all different shapes and sizes. Different foods are added to the breakfast depending on individual cafés’/restaurants’ preferences. The 3 items that are always involved in a full English are eggs, bacon and sausages. Several sides are added to the dish; you will often see beans, mushrooms, chips, black pudding, fried slice, burgers and many other things depending on what you prefer. A coffee/ tea and bread/ toast also come with the dish. The truth is any cafe in London will be selling full English breakfasts. Here are a few cafés/ restaurants that will serve you a top quality dish:

  • Regency Café (Regency Street)
  • Bill’s (Soho)
  • The Wolseley (Mayfair)
  • The Premises (Shoreditch)
  • Joe’s Kitchen (Borough)

You might not be able to eat one of these bad boys every morning, but make sure you do at least once while you’re staying in London, and get this traditional mouth-watering breakfast down you!

BugetteComing away from traditional British meals, we turn our attention to London’s street foods. We know that when you come to London you will be rushing around trying to get as much done as possible, so getting to know a thing or two about the capital’s street foods could save you a lot of time and money! Banh Mi Vietnamese baguettes seem to have blown up ever since coming to the city in 2009. Londoners and tourists seem to have taken a real liking to the gorgeous baguettes becoming a lunchtime favourite around Berwick Street Market. The baguettes are filled with a choice of fresh meat, fish or tofu, and salad can be added to the dream baguette too. Or why not try a hot dog at Big Apple Hot Dogs? For as little as £3, right outside Old Street, these juicy sausages have changed the whole hot dog industry in London. You’re sure to be happy to get your hands on one of these famous street snacks. Here’s a list of other street foods you could get a taste of…

  • Chorizo Sandwich (Brindsia, Borough Market)
  • Cochinita Pibill Taco (Buen Provecho)
  • Lamb Jalfrezi Burger (Bhangra Burger)  
  • Mutton Roti at Jerk City (Wardour Street)

Roast DinnerWe finish our round of best dishes to have in London with our personal favourite here at Twin… A Sunday roast dinner. Roast dinners are very traditional for British families and are popular at many restaurants in the capital. Hawksmoor Seven Dials has built up a fantastic reputation for having an outstanding Sunday lunch. If you enjoy full-of-flavour beef cooked to perfection, then this is the ideal restaurant for you. A proper London pub with a proper roast dinner is the Old Red Cow. Offering a family-feast style roast, free-range chicken and free-hung beef bought from a butcher just across the road, you really couldn’t get fresher meal. You will also experience the added touch of the meat being carved at your table. Other restaurants that you can get a glorious Sunday roast at are:

  • Yauatcha (Broadwick Street)
  • The Modern Pantry (St John’s Square)
  • The Delaunay (Aldwych)

So there you have it, some meals to think about when visiting London. You have probably just drooled everywhere reading this blog, and you’re in for a treat with some more British dishes that we couldn’t fit in…

  • Toad in the Hole (Sausage & Yorkshire Pudding)
  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • Gammon Steak with Egg
  • Pie & Mash
  • Bangers & Mash (Sausages & Mashed Potato)
  • Cottage Pie

Now go and enjoy these dishes and let us know which your favourite was!

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