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A look at the accommodation options available to students staying with Twin

Stay in and around London with Twin

Finding fun friendly accommodation in London can be quite difficult these days with a lot of accommodation being overly expensive, and when you do find some cheap accommodation you it is of a very low quality. Don’t worry though, at Twin accommodation we want you have the best stay in London as possible, and we have a number of high quality options which give you cheap London accommodation.

Homestay is a very popular choice with international students when they travel to London as it gives them a true experience of a British family as well as fully immersing them in both the English Language and culture. Catering is also provided with homestay accommodation, and can include anything from one to three meals a day, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for you. Another advantage for staying with a host family is that you are not alone, you will always have someone to talk to and learn from which is what you want when you’re a student. Host families also offer you knowledge of the local area and make it easier to adjust to being in London and getting the hang of public transport. If you are planning to visit London on a tight budget, we definitely recommend homestay accommodation as it sets you up with everything you need to enjoy your stay without having to break the bank.

The Generator04Next up is hostels. For some reason people turn their nose up at the thought of staying in a hostel, but they have become much more popular over the last few years as they are well suited to people travelling in groups. Hostels are also reaching the young adult market with great affect, with hostels modernising there facilities and providing facilities such as video games, pool tables and other interactive activities. If you are looking for a long weekend stay in London with a group of friends/ family then staying in a hostel is perfect! Hostels are also extremely cost effective, especially when you compare them to hotels which are in offer in the same area.


Kilburn04Looking for a more homely feel but want to cater for yourself? Then Flatshares are definitely something you should be looking into as they are a great option for short and long stays in London. Flatshares are very popular with older students that come to Twin as it gives them their own personal space for relaxing after school or continuing their studies. You will not be completely alone as there will be other flat mates to make you feel more at home as well. Twin’s Flatshare accommodation is available in Central London and South East London, offering you the choice of living in the hustle and bustle of Zone 1, or the more relaxed life of Zone 2.


Stratford01Residential is the final option on offer at Twin. Similar to homestay, residential accommodation offers students the chance to be extremely sociable and meet new people. They also offer more independence than homestay accommodation as you will have to cater for yourself when staying in Twin’s residential accommodation. Aside from the fun and sociable lifestyle that residential accommodation offers, the price is also very attractive young students looking to get comfortable in London. This option definitely gives you a friendly feel into London and getting to know people so you don’t feel alone! Twin offers residential in Limehouse, Tooting and Stratford.

So, are you still thinking of booking an overpriced hotel when you come to London? We certainly hope not, as we are sure you will find the right accommodation for you if you look at our range of options available.  


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