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Discover the best fish and chips London has to offer

The Best Fish & Chips in London

One of the dishes England is most famous for is a true classic – fish and chips. Although arguably the best place to eat this is at the seaside where the fish is fresh out of the sea, London has a few great places where the fish and chips taste just as good, and if you’re staying with Twin Accommodation in the capital, you won’t have to travel far at all to get it!

I Love Fish And ChipsSomething Fishy

Since many of you may also be attending our English Centre in London at some point, we start with a fish and chip shop close to here. Something Fishy serves huge, delicious portions of fish and chips at less than half the price they would be in central London. Don’t order a large meal if you’re not completely starving, because even the small cod barely fits in the box they give it to you in! The chip portions are just a generous and despite the prices you can tell the fish is great quality, and served perfectly cooked in a lovely crispy batter. If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, this is the place.


Fish And Chips 2Poppies fish and chip shop in east London is for those who fancy a slightly posher experience of the classic dish. The restaurant itself is decorated with a jukebox and telephone box, creating a great environment for munching away. Of course you can get your basic haddock and cod, but if you want something a bit different you could try the jellied eels or a seafood platter. We’d recommend going for something you know though, as you’ll instantly be able to tell why the food is slightly pricey – you really may taste the best fish and chips of your life here.


Fish And Chips 1Fish House of Notting Hill

With Notting Hill Carnival coming up this weekend, we thought we’d drop in another highlight of the area – the Fish House of Notting Hill. This traditional fish and chip shop has all the classics you could dream of, from fish cakes and scampi, to, of course, cod. The chips are cooked perfectly and we’d recommend the mushy peas – don’t pay too much attention to how bright green they are, they’re delicious. In the middle of such a vibrant area of London, this is a great place to refuel on a busy day out.

Rock and Sole Plaice

Fish And Chips 3Finally, because we like the name so much and it’s one of the oldest fish and chip shops in the capital, Rock and Sole Plaice. Fish is still prepared using their own 140 year old recipe, and tastes just as delicious as it did then we’re sure. Situated in the lovely Covent Garden, we’d recommend visiting on a warm evening and sitting outside. Even though it’s a little expensive, there’s a great atmosphere in the restaurant and you can be sure that the food won’t disappoint.



If you’re in London and feeling a little peckish, you should definitely try some traditional fish and chips, and it doesn’t get any better than what you’ll get at these restaurants. If reading this hasn’t made you hungry, we don’t know what will…

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