Twin Accommodation - Extra Services - English Courses and School Group Travel


As well as our range of accommodation options, Twin Group provide a range of leading complementary education and travel services.

Twin courses and programmes

Twin Group are one of the leading providers of English courses, international summer schools, school group travel and work experience programmes in the UK.

Residential accommodation is offered to Twin students only. Homestay accommodation is available for both Twin and non-Twin clients.

Add the following Twin services to your stay.

English Courses
Year-round British Council accredited English schools in London and Eastbourne. Students will have the opportunity to study alongside taking on work experience too.

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International Summer Schools
Our Summer English courses provide the opportunity for you to meet other students, take part in activities, experience British culture and travel to famous attractions.

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Work & Volunteer
Award-winning market leaders in work experience, providing career development and vocational placements in a wide range of companies throughout the UK.

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School Group Travel
Tailor-made budget school group tours and programmes throughout the UK, Europe and China plus a range of support services.

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Twin Group is affiliated and associated with the following professional organisations:

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